We'll show you how to pay a mortgage instead of rent!

No cash of your own, First home buyer home loans


About Us

We have a unique plan for our clients. You are just one click away from obtaining Australian Dream of owning your own home.

We conduct appointments in the comfort of your own home at a time suitable to you, so that we can explain how our process is going to change your life. These are Obligation FREE appointments, all you have to do is have the courage to participate. Let this be the turning point in your life!

We formed this program to help those who are sick of paying rent, had it with watching someone else get rich from your situation, for those sick of changing their kids from school to school, those of you who are sick of the continual costs of moving both financially and mentally – but most of all to make it easy for you to get into your first home that you can call home.

No Cash of Your Own - First Home Buyer Home Loans!

up to $400k *terms and conditions apply

What is Unlocking Doors?

Unlocking Doors was formed to help the every day person, obtain the ultimate Australian dream of owning their own home and pay off their own mortgage instead of someone else's.

What’s wrong with renting?


Rent money is gone forever!

There's no equity in renting

Rent is constantly going up

Continual moving costs

Continual hassle of bonds

Mental & physical anguish from moving

Providing the keys to a brighter future!

Find out how we can get you into your own home and stop renting sooner than you think!

Bad Credit Rating? Or think your past history may stop you? We may be able to help!

Today could be the start of a Brighter tomorrow!


Be Bold. You have nothing to lose and everything to Gain.

You can contact us on 07 5353 6788 or alternative fill out your information below.

Available to approved applicants and purchases only.